Dinnerware is a collective term for plates, bowls, cups and saucers. Each of these dinnerware types is further discussed on the following pages:


The cup is made in a variety of different sizes, each with a different volume capacity:


Three main categories...

  1. Soup Bowls (with or without handles)
  2. Finger Bowls (to rinse finger tips)
  3. Ramekins (to hold solid foods)

...with seven types of soups bowls:

  1. Soup Plate;
  2. Coupe Soup Bowl;
  3. Soup-Cereal Bowl;
  4. Covered Soup Bowl;
  5. Lug Soup Bowl;
  6. Cream Soup Bowl; and
  7. Bouillon Cup.


Plates for formal and informal table settings.

Dinnerware Buying Guide

Dinnerware Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Dinnerware Pattern, Choosing the Shape of the Plates, Coordinating the Textures of Dinnerware, Stemware, and Flatware, Judging Quality, How Many Place Settings to Buy, Dinnerware Starter Sets, & Serveware.

Care of Dinnerware