Table Setting Guide

Utensils manufactured from flattened sheets of metal cut and stamped into form; ware that lays flat on the table, such as a knife, fork, and spoon.

setting a table

placing flatware

Where to place the following items on the table:


Descriptions of fork size, design, and intended use.

Five Typical Forks:

  1. Dinner Fork;
  2. Fish Fork;
  3. Luncheon Fork;
  4. Salad Fork or Dessert Fork; and
  5. Seafood Fork.

Specialized Forks:


Descriptions of knife size, design, and intended use.

From large to small:

  1. Dinner Knife;
  2. Steak Knife;
  3. Luncheon Knife;
  4. Fish Knife;
  5. Dessert Knife;
  6. Fruit Knife; and
  7. Butter Spreader.

Serrated blades cut meat;
Dull blades cut soft food;
Pointed tips carve meat, pare fruit, and separate fish bones; and
Blunt ends spread food.


Descriptions of spoon size, design, and intended use.

In order of descending size.

  1. Iced-Beverage Spoon;
  2. Oval Soup Spoon;
  3. Dessert Spoon;
  4. Place Spoon;
  5. Cream Soup Spoon;
  6. Teaspoon;
  7. Five O'Clock Spoon;
  8. Ice-Cream Spoon;
  9. Citrus Spoon;
  10. Bouillon Spoon;
  11. After-Dinner Coffee Spoon;
  12. Chocolate Spoon;
  13. Demitasse Spoon; and
  14. Salt Spoon.

flatware buying guide

Purchase the perfect set of flatware following selection criteria in the following areas (among others):

care of flatware