Napkin Etiquette

Table Manners Guide

Placing the Napkin in Your Lap. Place the napkin in your lap immediately upon seating. If there is a host or hostess, wait for him or her to take their napkin off the table and place it in his or her lap. (An exception to this rule is buffet-style meals, where you should unfold your napkin when you start eating.)

napkin etiquette - lap

Unfolding the Napkin. Unfold your napkin in one smooth motion without "snapping" or "shaking" it open.

The size determines how you unfold a napkin in your lap.

  1. Large napkins are unfolded halfway.
  2. Smaller napkins are unfolded completely and cover the lap fully.

Don't Tuck the Napkin. Don't tuck a napkin into your collar, between the buttons of your shirt, or in your belt.

Using the Napkin. Use your napkin frequently during the meal to blot or pat, not wipe, your lips. Blot your lips before taking a drink of your beverage.

Napkin Rings. If a napkin ring is present, after removing your napkin, place the ring to the top-left of the setting. At the end of the meal, grasp the napkin in the center, pull it through the ring, and lay it on the table with the point facing the center of the table.

napking etiquette image showing where to place your napkin at the table.

Temporarily Leaving the Table. When leaving the table temporarily, put your napkin on your chair. If the chair is upholstered, place the napkin soiled side up.

Placing the Napkin at the End of the Meal. At the meal's end:

The napkin is loosely folded at the end of the meal.

If a plate is in the center of your place setting, when leaving the table lay the napkin to the left of the plate.

If the center of your place setting is empty, the napkin is laid in the middle of the place setting.

Leave your napkin in loose folds that keep soiled parts hidden.

If after-dinner coffee is served at the table, the napkin remains in the lap.