Georgian Etiquette

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Table manners are generally unfussy and relaxed. If in doubt over proper dining etiquette either watch what others do or simply ask.

Dining etiquette for using utensils. When cutting food, hold your fork in your left hand and your knife in your right hand. Apply pressure to the knife with your index finger at the point where the knife blade meets the handle. Spear and keep steady your food with the fork, tines facing downward. Apply pressure to the neck of the fork using your index finger. Keep your elbows down. After cutting your food, your knife remains in your right hand. Continue holding the fork in your left hand with the tines facing downward, applying pressure to the neck of the fork with your index finger as you lift it to your mouth.

Dining etiquette for your hands. Keep your hands above the table at all times during the meal, with your wrist resting on the edge of the table. Do not rest your elbows on the table.

Dining etiquette for order of service. The oldest (or most honoured) guest is usually served first.

Dining etiquette for accepting food. You will be offered second and third helpings and accepting them will please the host. Try, therefore, to take smaller first portions.

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