Chile Dining Etiquette

Dining etiquette in Chile is similar to the rules of dining etiquette in the other Southern Cone and South American countries. The dining etiquette information below presents Chilean variations from general dining etiquette of Southern Cone and South American as found on the Argentinean dining etiquette page.

Dining etiquette for pouring wine. As in Bolivia and other Southern Cone countries, there are some important considerations when pouring wine: never pour it backward into the glass, as this means that you very much dislike the person you are pouring for, and do not use your left hand to pour the wine for the same reason.

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Dining etiquette for utensils. When you are finished with your meal, place your knife and fork parallel to each other on the right side of the plate with the tines of the fork pointing north.

Dining etiquette for seating. The guest of honor is seated usually next to the host or hostess (women to the right of the host, and men to the right of the hostess).

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