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Dining etiquette in Chad is similar to the rules of dining etiquette in other North Africa and Arab countries. Please see Egypt dining etiquette and Sudan dining etiquette for information about general North African and Arab dining etiquette. The dining etiquette information below presents Chadian variations on general North African and Arab dining etiquette.

Chadian Food and Mealtimes. Boule - pourage. Tan kul in the south (sauce served over fish or meat and beans) or nashif in the north (usually meat plus a spicy tomato sauce).

Dining etiquette in a Chadian home. Do not intentionally come at mealtime. Honored guests may receive gifts.

Dining etiquette for seating. Many meals are taken seated on a mat on the floor. Men and women eat separately. Your feet should not point toward other guests or the food. Tuck your feet.

Dining etiquette for using your hands. Eat with your right hand.

Dining etiquette for when to begin eating. Begin eating only after the host indicates that it is okay.

Dining etiquette taboos. Giving eggs to children will turn them into thieves in adulthood. Don't give pregnant women too much food so that they do not deliver fat babies.

Dining etiquette compliments. It is a compliment to call someone fat.

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