Cameroon Dining

Dining etiquette in Cameroon is similar to the rules of dining etiquette in the other African Gulf countries. The dining etiquette information below presents Cameroon variations from general dining etiquette of West African Gulf countries as found on the Congo dining etiquette page.

dining etiquette

The evening meal is the main meal for the day.

Proper dining etiquette requires that you taste all food presented. When given a food you are unable to eat, tell the host that you have eaten previously.

Food is similar to that of surrounding countries - juju, porridge, garri and stews made of vegetables and spices.

Meat comes from a variety of animals, when available.

Food can be spicy.

Beers, palm and banana wines are enjoyed by some (although Muslims do not drink alcohol).

As a guest, don't bring a gift of food. This might imply the host is not capable of providing.

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