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Etiquette Scholar: Dining Etiquette is a brief tutorial audiobook discussing the basic social graces of attending a meal, particularly at a restaurant, but also brimming with solid advice for attending a dinner party or respectfully sharing a meal at a friend's house. The six sections are "Introduction", "The Table", "Enjoying the Meal", "Handling the Check", "Special Topics", and "Dining Etiquette Essentials". A concise yet absolutely invaluable resource for learning how to look and act one's best in any social or business interaction based around a meal, Etiquette Scholar: Dining Etiquette is worthy of the highest recommendation. 1 CD, 42 min. 

-Midwest Book Review

Social Skills 101: An Essential Dining Etiquette Guide

Listen to our dining etiquette book and discover why dining etiquette matters. Whether you are a new intern at your first formal business dinner, or a seasoned professional out for a power lunch, business meals are big business. A lack of manners is just plain bad business. Organized in five easy, enjoyable lessons, the Etiquette Scholar Dining Etiquette CD includes all the practical information you need to make a great impression at your next business meal or social engagement. It is simply the best dining etiquette reference available. Don't eat another important meal without listening to this CD first!

Quick and easy learning. Etiquette Scholar's dining etiquette book is in audio format for your convenience. Listen to the etiquette book on CD or download the lessons to your MP3 player and learn at the gym, on the plane or in your car on the way to a client meeting, job interview, or other important dining event.

A valuable tool for any professional. If you entertain clients or dine with colleagues, your table manners reflect on your overall level of professionalism. Etiquette Scholar's comprehensive, thoroughly researched dining etiquette book quickly teaches you every dining etiquette rule you need to correctly handle any dining situation.

Vital job interview information. Your resume may get you the interview, but it's how you handle the interview that gets you the job. Conversation, handling the utensils -- it's the little things that matter. Employers conduct interviews during meals to evaluate how applicants handle themselves in a social setting. Polish your dining etiquette skills by listening to the Etiquette Scholar dining etiquette book. After completing the Etiquette Scholar dining etiquette book you will learn how to be seated, correctly identify tableware, handle silverware, properly order your meal, handle hard-to-eat foods, gracefully pay the check, and much more!

Great gift for students or any professional.

The Etiquette Scholar Dining Etiquette book includes five informative units:

Unit One: The Restaurant and Your Table (including arriving at the restaurant and being seated, understanding who is who in the dining room, and identifying silverware, plates & glassware)

Unit Two: Ordering and Enjoying the Meal (including ordering, using your napkin, handling silverware, using finger bowls & hot towels, and handling difficult-to-eat foods)

Unit Three: Handling the Check (covering paying the check and tipping the restaurant staff)

Unit Four: Special Topics (including managing business meals and handling awkward & unexpected situations)

Dining Etiquette Essentials Unit: (a convenient summary of all units that can be reviewed en route to a restaurant for quick & easy reference).


Wine Etiquette Books

What is the secret to learning about wine? Buy a straightforward reference, use it, and go to a restaurant to apply your newly acquired knowledge. Organized in six easy, enjoyable lessons, the Etiquette Scholar Wine Etiquette Book includes all the practical information you need, including information on wine terms, pairing wine with food, tasting, and ordering wine in a restaurant. Filled with information on wine making, grape varieties, and regions, the Etiquette Scholar Wine Selection and Etiquette Book is the ultimate reference tool for anyone eager to learn more about wine. It is simply the best wine reference available for beginners.

What makes this etiquette book special? It quickly and effectively teaches you how to select and order wines. It does not waste your time with flowery descriptions or irrelevant musings.

Why an audio etiquette book? Convenience and practical learning. In audio format you benefit from an exceptional narrator teaching you how to correctly pronounce grape varieties and important wine terms. The lessons are easily listened to on a CD or MP3 player at the gym, on the plane, or in the car.

The Etiquette Scholar Wine Selection & Etiquette book includes the following units:

Unit One: The Basics (including basic wine descriptions and characteristics, a brief introduction to wine making, and the basics of red, white, rosÃ, sparkling, and fortified wines)

Unit Two: Grapes and Regions (including basic guides to the most commonly encountered white wine and red wine grapes)

Unit Three: Wine Tasting (including proper glassware, the tasting process, and detecting wine flaws)

Unit Four: Food and Wine Pairings (covering perfect pairings for various types of foods, as well as foods to avoid when drinking wine)

Unit Five: Enjoying Wine in Restaurants (including wine lists and prices, selecting wine, interacting with the sommelier, and general wine etiquette)

Unit Six: Sparkling and Fortified Wines (covering sparkling wines, port, and sherry)