how much wine to pour

Generally, leave enough room in the glass to gently swirl the wine and release the bouquet.

white wine and rose

  • pour 3 ounces into the glass
  • fill the glass one-third full.
  • red wine

  • pour 4 ounces
  • fill the glass half full.

  • champagne and sparkling wine

  • pour 4 ounces
  • fill the glass three-quarters full.

  • brandy

  • To create a chamber for the inhalation of brandy, only an ounce or two are poured.
  • To enjoy the first "nose," the brandy snifter is held just below the nose in a still position, and the bouquet is inhaled.
  • To appreciate the second "nose," the glass is held motionless, but is brought closer to the nose for inhalation.
  • Thereafter the glass is slowly swirled to release the full bouquet.