How to Pour a Bottle of Wine

  1. Wrap a napkin around the neck for insulation.
  2. Hold the bottle in the palm of your hand, label facing the guest, so he or she can observe the vintage.
  3. Pour table wine down the inside of a glass.
  4. Bring the bottle to the glass and twist the bottle over the glass to halt the drops to avoid spills.

Pouring Champagne

  1. Pour champagne soon after the bottle is opened
  2. Avoid stimulating the bubbles by pouring in a trickle
  3. Pour a small amount of champagne into a glass, let the froth settle for a moment, then fill the glass three-quarters full.

How Much Wine to Pour

Generally, leave enough room in the glass to gently swirl the wine and release the bouquet.

White Wine and Rose

  • pour 3 ounces into the glass
  • fill the glass one-third full.

  • Red Wine

  • pour 4 ounces
  • fill the glass half full.

  • Champagne and Sparkling Wine

  • pour 4 ounces
  • fill the glass three-quarters full.

  • Brandy

  • To create a chamber for the inhalation of brandy, only an ounce or two are poured.
  • To enjoy the first "nose," the brandy snifter is held just below the nose in a still position, and the bouquet is inhaled.
  • To appreciate the second "nose," the glass is held motionless, but is brought closer to the nose for inhalation.
  • Thereafter the glass is slowly swirled to release the full bouquet.