Engagement Toasts

Engagement party toasts. In days past, a party was often held to announce an engagement. Today, engagement parties are usually a way for friends of the bride and groom to meet the couple's respective families a few months before the big event.

Parent Toasts to the Couple

"I [or we] propose that we all drink to the health and happiness of Jill and the man that she, to our great joy, is adding permanently to our family: Kevin James.

"Candace's mother and I have always looked forward to meeting the man she would choose to marry. I have to say we couldn't be happier with her choice-wonderful John Smith. Please join me in wishing them a long and happy marriage"

Bride and Groom Toasts to Future In-Laws

Bill and Daphne [or Mr. and Mrs. Matthews], I'm so happy you're finally able to lay eyes on the friends I've been telling you about. It also gives them the chance to get to know you - a couple for whom I have the greatest respect and whose family I will be proud to join. Everyone, please join me in toasting Bill and Daphne Matthews.

"I remember the first time Candace took me to meet her parents. They quickly bowled me over with their hospitality, good cheer, and great sense of humor. Please join me in toasting good people whom I not only look forward to having as in-laws but as lifelong friends.”

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