Happiness Toasts

May every day be happier than the last.

The best of happiness, honor, and fortunes keep with you.

May we look forward with happiness, and backward without regret.

Let us not flounder in following the founders' direction toward life, liberty and, most of all, the pursuit of happiness.

May your joys be as deep as the ocean, and your misfortunes as light as its foam.

May our pleasures be free from the stings of remorse.

"I drink to the general joy of the whole table." -Shakespeare, Macbeth

May the frowns of misfortune never rob innocence of its joy.

Here's to happiness. In the words of John Wolcott, "Care to our coffin adds a nail, no doubt,
And every grin, so merry, draws one out

To the three H's: health, honor, and happiness.
Health to the world,
Honor to those who seek for it,
Happiness in our homes.

May we be happy and our enemies know it.

To quote John Dryden, here's to a "merry, dancing, drink­ing, laughing, quaffing, and unthinking time."

A full belly, a heavy purse, and a light heart.

I wish you all the best. As Shakespeare said in Timon of Athens, may "the best of happiness, honor and fortunes keep with you."

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