Adventure Toasts

A health to the man on the trail tonight; may his grub hold out; may his dogs keep their legs; may his matches never misfire.
-Jack London

To Kurt Vonnegut, who said, "Unusual travel suggestions are dancing lessons from the gods."

"A pledge from heart to its fellow heart
On the ways we all are going!
Here's luck!
For we know not where we are going.

Here's to you and here's to me,
Wherever we may roam;
And here's to the health and happiness
Of the ones who are left at home

"Wealth I ask not, hope nor love,
Nor a friend to know me,
All I ask is the heav'n above,
And the roads below me!"
-Robert Louis Stevenson

resting knife and fork etiquette

Our resting utensils etiquette section covers the rules (american and continental) for resting your utensils when taking a break from eating, when you are finished eating, and when you are passing food [...]

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