Host and Hostess Toasts

To our host, a most excellent man; for is not a man fairly judged by the company he keeps.

Here's to your welcome which was cordial, and your cordial which is welcome.

To our hostess with the most-ess.

Here's a toast to the host who carved the roast; And a toast to the hostess-may she never roast us.

Here's to the hostess and here's to the host, As we raise up our glasses and offer this toast; Thank you for this lovely meal, Thank you for these friends so real, Thank you for the way we feel. We think you're just the most.

To our host: happiness, health and prosperity.

Here's to the bride
And here's to the groom
And to the bride's father
Who'll pay for this room.

Here's to the hostess and host
­Jolly good health in this toast.

May your journey be good
On the road that you choose,
Though it be fast or slow,
And joy attend you all the way
Whichever road you go.

To our hostess. She's a gem. We love her, God bless her. And the devil take her husband.

To our host who gives us what Henry Sambrooke Leigh de­scribed as "the rapturous, wild, and ineffable pleasure of drinking at somebody else's expense.”

What's a table richly spread
Without this woman at its head?

Here's a toast to our host from all of us;
May he soon be the guest of each of us.

Here's to our hostess, considerate and sweet;
Her wit is endless, but when do we eat?

To the  sun that warmed the vineyard,
To the juice that turned to wine,
To the host that cracked the bottle,
And made it yours and mine.

To our friend, who is neither an optimist who sees a glass as half full, nor a pessimist who sees a glass as half empty; but a host, who sees it as a glass that needs topping off.

Let us raise our glasses high and thank our host for the plea­sure of being his company.

To our host, who has the ability to make us all feel at home, even though that's where he wishes we were.

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