Family Toasts

Here's to your health, and your family's good health. May you live long and prosper.

To those who know me best and, for some reason, still love me.

May we be loved by those we love.

To the sap in our family tree.

Toasts to Brothers

To the r in the word brother-without it, you'd just be a bother.

To the man who's really happy he has an older brother - can you imagine how he'd look in his sister's hand-me-downs?

Here's to the bond that comes from having the same parents.

My brother. As John Ray said, "Blood is thicker than water.

Toasts to Cousins

To my many cousins, who always made it seem that every­thing is relative.

To my overseas cousins. As John Ray said, "Blood is thicker than water.
To my cousins - because of you, I never felt like an only child.

Toasts to Fathers

To the new father - good luck as you enter a "changing" world.

Here's to my father, the only man that I am afraid of.

To Dad. May the love and respect we express toward him make up for the worry and care we have visited upon him.

To my father. If I can become half the man he is, I'll have achieved greatness.

Toasts to Grandchildren

To our grandchildren - our revenge on our children!

To our grandchildren.
May we not spoil them too much.

Here's to our grandchildren.
May they always carry our name proudly.

Here's to grandchildren - and the joy of seeing our family enter another generation.

Here's to grandchildren, gifts from on high. (They're God's way of compensating us for growing old)

Toasts to Grandparents

Here's to grandparents-the cheapest (and best) babysitters on earth.

To the greatest grandparents - may they live to be great­-grandparents.

Let us raise our glasses
And then imbibe
To the splendid couple
Who founded this tribe.

Toasts to Mothers

To the mother who bore me,
There's no one more bold,
She's dearer by far
Than all of earth's gold.

To our mothers, God bless them every one.
May the eyes of the Fathers and the love of the Sons
Watch over and protect them - keep them holy and pure,
With life to sustain and health to endure.

Here's to the happiest hours of my life
­Spent in the arms of another man's wife
­My mother!

To our father's sweethearts-our mothers.

To our mothers and all that they have meant to us. They are the proof of the Jewish proverb that "God could not be everywhere, so he made mothers."

Toasts to Mothers in Law

Here's to my mother-in-law, who let me take her baby from her-without too much of a fight.

To my mother-in-law, who has finally stopped regarding me as the outlaw.

Here's to my mother-in-law, because as Brooks Hays once said, "Behind every successful man stands a proud wife and a surprised mother-in-law."

Toasts to Sisters

To my sister, whom I forgive. Some part of every family tree has to be out on a limb.
To my sisters and the secrets we share!