Drinking Toasts

Drink and be merry, for our time on earth is short, and death lasts forever.

In the words of William Morris, "I drink to the days that are.”

Here's to the great artistic genius, Pablo Picasso. His last words were "Drink to me.”  Who am I to question genius?

Here's to the best key for unlocking friendship-whiskey.

Here's to your welcome which was cordial, and your cordial which is welcome.”

Here's to whiskey, scotch, or rye,
Amber, smooth, and clear;
It's not as sweet as a woman's lips,
But a damn sight more sincere.

To "the corkscrew-a useful key to unlock the storehouse of
wit, the treasury of laughter, the front door of fellowship,
and the gate of pleasant folly."
-W. E. P. French

May the beam of the glass never destroy the ray of the mind.

For, whether we're right or whether we're wrong,
There's a rose in every thistle

Here's luck-
And a drop to wet your whistle."
-Richard Hovey

One glass is wholesome, two glasses toothsome, three glasses blithesome, four glasses fulsome, five glasses noisome, six glasses quarrelsome, seven glasses darksome.

To paraphrase Tom Waits, "May I always have a free bottle in front of me, and never a pre-frontal lobotomy.”

Any port in a storm. Or any wine, for that matter.

Let us acknowledge the evils of alcohol and strive to eliminate the wine cellar--one glass at a time.

I don’t give a damn
For any man
That won’t take a drink with me.

Lift 'em high and drain 'em dry
To the guy who says, "My turn to buy.”

To drinking together, the safest form of sex ever invented.

Keep your head cool and your feet warm,
And a glass of good whiskey will do you no harm.

In the immortal words of Ogden Nash, "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker."

To grape expectations.

May we never be out of spirits.

Here's to a long life and a merry one,
A quick death and a happy one,
A good girl and a pretty one,
A cold bottle and another one.

Here's to Miguel de Cervantes who said, "I drink when I have occasion and sometimes when I have no occasion.”

A glass in the hand is worth two on the shelf.

To drinking: Better to pay the tavern keeper druggist.

Here's to swearing, lying, stealing and drinking.
When you swear, swear by your country;
When you lie, lie for a friend;
When you steal, steal away from bad company;
And when you drink, drink with me.

"Here's look in' at you, kid!" -Rick in Casablanca

Down the hatch!

Here's mud in your eye.


Cheers, cheers, now bring more beers.

May we always mingle in the friendly bowl,
The feast of reason and I he flow of the soul.

What harm in drinking can there be?
Since punch and life so well agree
--Thomas Blacklock

Come fill the bowl, each jolly soul!
Let Bacchus guide this session;
Join cup to lip with "hip, hip, hip"
And bury all depression.

To quote from an old drinking song,
Come, landlord, fill the flowing bowl
Until it does run over.
For tonight we'll merry be, merry be, merry be,
Tomorrow we'll get sober

In the words of Oliver Goldsmith,
Let schoolmasters puzzle their brains
With grammar and nonsense and learning;
Good liquor I stoutly maintain,
Gives genius a better discerning.

The man that isn't jolly after drinking
Is just a driveling idiot, to my thinking."

Bottoms up,
Tops down;
Wear a smile
Not a frown.

May we never want a friend to cheer us, or a bottle to cheer him.

Here's to the girls of the American shore,
I love but one, I love no more;
Since she's not here to drink her part,
I drink her share with all my heart.

Up to my lips and over my gums;
Look out guts, here she comes.

Don't die of love; in heaven above
Or hell, they'll not endure you;
Why look so glum when Doctor Rum
Is waiting for to cure you?
-Oliver Herford