Champagne Toasts

The miser may be pleased with gold,
The lady's man with pretty lass;
But I'm best pleased when I behold
The nectar sparkling in the glass.

To champagne - a beverage that makes you see double and feel single.

Here's to champagne, a drink divine
That makes us forget our troubles;
It's made of a dollar's worth of wine,
And twenty bucks worth of bubbles.

O thrice accursed
Be a champagne thirst
When the price of beer's all we've got.

To champagne –
Nectar strained to finest gold,
Sweet as love, as virtue cold.

Here's champagne to our real friends and real pain to our sham friends.

"Some take their gold
In minted mold,
And some in harps hereafter,
But give me mine
In bubbles fine
And keep the change in laughter."
-Oliver Herford

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