Salad Etiquette

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Table manners for eating salad. When salad is served with a main course rather than before or after, it is best placed on a separate salad plate so that the salad dressing doesn't mix with any gravy or sauce. Main course salads usually complete with pieces of chicken, shellfish, or cheeses and cold cuts are put in the center of the place setting, just as any other entree would be.

Table manners for cutting up salad. What about cutting up salad leaves? Large pieces of lettuce or other salad greens can be cut with a fork or, if they're particularly springy, with a knife and fork. Just don't cut salad into smaller pieces all at one time.

resting knife and fork etiquette

Our resting utensils etiquette section covers the rules (american and continental) for resting your utensils when taking a break from eating, when you are finished eating, and when you are passing food [...]

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