Sandwiches, Wraps Etiquette

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The sandwich is named after John Montagu, the fourth earl of Sandwich, who rather than interrupt his wagers in an extended game of chance, ordered a meal of cold beef placed between two slices of toast.

Table manners for eating sandwiches. Sandwiches are eaten with fingers or a utensil.

Table manners for eating smaller sandwiches. Small tea sandwiches, and sandwiches that are not too thick (less than one inch), are eaten with fingers.

Table manners for eating thicker sandwiches. An unwieldy sandwich (over one inch thick), such as a club sandwich, is cut in quarters with a knife and eaten with fingers.

Table manners for eating open-faced sandwiches. An open-face sandwich, such as a hot roast beef sandwich with gravy, is eaten with a fork and a knife.

A sandwich of any size can be eaten with a knife and fork.

Table manners for eating wraps. Wraps, Burritos, Gyros, and other sandwiches in which the filling is wrapped in thin, flat bread (usually tortillas or pita bread) are most easily eaten with the hands. Any filling that falls to the plate is eaten with a fork.

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