Banana, Plantain Etiquette

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Bananas may be eaten raw or cooked. Plaintains are usually eaten cooked. Commonly, bananas that are eaten raw are called dessert bananas.

Table manners for eating bananas at an informal meal. If the meal is informal, you can simply peel the banana and gradually eat it.

Table manners for eating bananas at a more formal meal. When a banana is eaten with a fork, the banana is peeled completely (the skin goes onto the edge of the plate) and cut into slices, a few at a time.

Table manners for eating plantains. Raw plantains are eaten in the same way, although these fruits are usually served fried and eaten with a fork.

Bananas, being primarily carbohydrates, are low in fats, cholesterol, and sodium.

Banana Plants

Bananas are momcarpic (fruit once, then dying), perennial, giant herbs. Bananas are almost entirely restricted to largely tropical we zones of the earth.

Banana Leaves

Where bananas are locally grown, the nonfruit parts of the plants are employed for a variety of purposes. Banana leaves are commonly used in addition to the fruits. Fresh banana leaves serve as wrapping material for seamed or cooked foods and are also used as disposable meal platters.


500 varieties of bananas are recognized.

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