Table Manners

Eating Etiquette (How to Eat...)

Crisp tacos are eaten with the fingers, since cutting the crisp shell with a knife and fork will leave it cracked and crumbled. Do use a fork, however, for any filling that falls to the plate. Soft tacos, topped with a sauce, are eaten with a knife and fork; unsauced soft tacos can be eaten with the fingers.

resting knife and fork etiquette

Our resting utensils etiquette section covers the rules (american and continental) for resting your utensils when taking a break from eating, when you are finished eating, and when you are passing food [...]

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Table Setting Etiquette

table setting etiquette

Helpful hints for setting the perfect table!

Visit our table setting section for information on:

International Dining Etiquette

International Dining Etiquette

Visit our international dining etiquette section for more etiquette tips for your next trip overseas or hosting international guests!

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