Crackers Etiquette

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A cracker is a thin crisp wafer made of unleavened dough that "cracks" when broken. Because crackers are not greasy they are eaten with the fingers.

Table manners for eating crackers at a formal meal. At formal meals, toasted crackers are served with cheese and are placed on the edge of the plate or tablecloth and eaten a bite at a time.

Table manners for eating crackers at an informal meal. At an informal meal, large crackers are used often as a pusher to assist the fork with a particular course, such as salad.

Table manners for eating crackers at a family meal. At a family meal, large crackers are broken and sprinkled over food or dropped into soup. Small crackers, such as oyster crackers, are placed on a bread­and-butter plate. If a small plate is not provided, small crackers are placed on the table.

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