Taiwan Dining Etiquette

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Dining etiquette in Taiwan is similar to the rules of dining etiquette in mainland China. The dining etiquette information below presents Taiwanese variations from the general dining etiquette of China as found on the Chinese dining etiquette page.

Dining etiquette for toasts. Toasting is an important part of business entertaining and is done several times throughout the meal. In fact, seating will be arranged to ensure that those of equal rank are seated across from one another. In this way, you can personally toast the appropriate individual (that is, your counterpart).

Taiwanese etiquette dictates that you wait for your host to invite you to serve yourself. It also is considered good manners to try every¬thing and make positive comments about the food, even if you do not find it to your taste. Be sure to leave something on your plate when you are finished eating. This will communicate that you were satisfied with the meal.


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