Jordanian Dining Etiquette

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In mixed company, you should choose a seat beside your same sex or your spouse.

Four basic styles listed from traditional to modern:

  • Eat with the fingers of the right hand [the left hand should never touch the food] from a single dish served on a common tray called a 'sidr.'
  • Eat by tearing off small pieces of to pick up small pieces of food. Eat the piece of bread together with the food. The food may be a variety of dishes served on common platters or a plate for each individual.
  • Eat with a, from a variety of foods that may be served on common platters or on separate plates for the individuals.
  • Eat with English or American style utensils and etiquette.

Follow the lead of your host or associates.

Dining etiquette for passing food. It is common to pass food by handling the food directly with the fingers. This is a sign of friendship and acceptance.

Dining etiquette for the meal’s end. When you are finished eating, it is polite to say, 'Al Hamdu Li Lah' [Praise to God], and move back slightly from the table. If you have used your hand, then you should go wash.

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