Plum Pudding Etiquette

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Table manners for eating plum pudding. After the flames from the brandy sauce die down, plum pudding is served in a dessert bowl, usually with ice cream or a sauce. Either or both of these are scooped onto your pudding, and the whole thing is eaten with a spoon. If brandy is passed while the dessert is being served, pour some onto your pudding — not into your glass.

resting knife and fork etiquette

Our resting utensils etiquette section covers the rules (american and continental) for resting your utensils when taking a break from eating, when you are finished eating, and when you are passing food [...]

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knife and fork  etiquette

Correctly holding your fork, knife, and spoon is one of the most important dining etiquette fundamentals. Read more in our table manners section to learn this dining etiquette skill! [...]

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