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Business Toasts

Sample business toasts to bosses, retirement, advertising, and professions from accountants to stockbrokers.

How to hold your knife, fork
and spoon

What to do with your napkin and
how to handle bread properly at
the table.

Passing food, when to start
eating, and the meal's end

being serving

passing food

when to start eating

hard-to-eat foods

Table Manners Tip #6 - Unfamiliar Food

You're faced with unfamiliar foods. If a food you're not sure how to eat comes on a platter of appetizers - a type of sushi, perhaps, or crab in the shell - you, as a polite diner, have three choices of how to proceed: (1) Wait until someone else starts to eat and follow suit. (2) Ask how the food should be eaten (fingers or fork, for example). (3) Avoid the food altogether.

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