Cheese Etiquette

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Although the rind of soft cheese, such as camembert and brie, is edible, the rind of firm cheese, such as gruyere, cheddar, jarlsberg, and romano, is generally not, and the hard covering is removed with a knife and a fork.

Correct dining etiquette for the eating cheese depends on two things: the formality of the occasion and the texture of the cheese.

Table manners for eating cheese at a formal dinner. At a formal dinner, a cheese tray is passed with the salad or fruit course, along with toasted crackers.

Table manners for soft cheese. Soft cheese is cut from a cheese tray, placed on a plate, spread on a cracker with a utensil, and brought to the mouth with fingers.

Table manners for firm cheese. The cheese is sliced, transferred to the plate, speared, and eaten with a fork. Or firm cheese is placed on a cracker and carried to the mouth with the fingers.

Table manners for eating cheese at an informal meal. At an informal meal, when sliced cheese is served as an accompaniment to a particular dish, such as apple pie, it is eaten with a fork. But if cheese is served as an appetizer, such as cubes on toothpicks, it is eaten with fingers. Or a slice of cheese is cut from a wedge, placed on a cracker, and brought to the mouth with the fingers.

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