Storing Tea

Tea and Tea Etiquette

Essential oils evaporate when exposed to light and heat and reduce the potential flavor and aroma of tea. To maximize taste, store tea in a cool dark place where the ambient temperature is under 85°F (29°C).

Tea leaves absorb moisture inherent in air and the flavor deteriorates. For optimum flavor, store tea in a dry place in a metal or ceramic container made with an air­tight seal. Certain foods, like garlic and onions, herbs, and cooking odors invade the taste of tea. For best bouquet store tea away from aromatic foods.

Black tea and oolong store well for 18 to 24 months. Keemun stores well for a longer period, and the flavor improves with time. For maximum flavor do not store green tea longer than 6 months. Tea bags filled with fannings and dust turn stale fast. The exception is tea bags individually packaged in plastic or paper wrappers.

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