Dessert and Wine Pairings

The general rule is to choose a wine that is slightly sweeter than the dessert. Fruity desserts need a sweet wine with acidity. Some chocolate desserts can go well with port.


Oloroso sherry,

Madeira, or

Ruby port.


Tawny port, or

California Cabernet Sauvignon.

creme brolee

Cream sherry,

Madeira, or

A sweet Muscat.

fresh berries

Monbazillac from France or

a semi-dry German.

fresh fruit

Dry sparkling rose,

Dry Alsace Riesling,

Viognier from California or

Italian Frascati.

fruit pie

Riesling from Washington State or Oregon.


Seet sherry or

Ruby port, or

A sparkling Asti from Italy.


Sweet Marsala (the wine used to make the dessert);

Sweet Riesling from Germany or Washington State; or

Ruby port.

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