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The Asian cuisines most often encountered by Americans are those of China, India, Japan, and Southeast Asia (including Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia). Though there's no real need to follow the eating traditions from each country, it doesn't hurt to know a bit about them. For instance, at a Chinese or Japanese meal it's fine to hold the rice bowl dose to your mouth; in Korean custom the bowl is left on the table. And then there are chopsticks, the use of which makes Chinese and Japanese food "just taste better" to many people.

It's also nice to follow the Asian custom of serving tea to your fellow diners before you fill your own teacup. (Traditionally, milk or sugar is added only to Japanese green tea, hut there's no harm in doctoring any Asian tea to your liking.)

A meal at a Chinese restaurant is usually communal, with dishes being shared.

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Table Setting Etiquette

table setting etiquette

Helpful hints for setting the perfect table!

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